Stiles Roofing has a full service custom sheet metal shop. It is important to consider the application and what your expectations and needs are when choosing sheet metal roofing. What type of performance do you expect? What aesthetic requirements do you have? Quality sheet metal performance depends on two things: 1) The substrate – or metallic coating and 2) The paint system. Quality and value vary widely and a qualified roofing professional can help you determine what your needs really are and help you choose products that fit your budget and your application. What do both a Goat and a Lawnmower have in common? That’s right, both can cut grass, but I think you’ll agree that the quality and performance will vary greatly between the two. At Stiles Roofing we will help you pick the right products and we will customize them to fit your needs. We are a one stop shop for quality sheet metal roofing.


Thermoplastic Polyolefins are typically fleece backed sheet membranes that are adhered with adhesives to insulation. These products are typically white in color, and may be reinforced. There may or may not be a topping system used on these systems.

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Stiles Roofing, Inc. together with Roofmart International Garnite Systems can provide, fluid applied, seamless, waterproof protective coatings. We can restore virtually all kinds of existing roof systems. EPDM’s can be renewed, metal can be reclaimed, built-ups can be restored, and single-ply seams can be resealed.

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Modified Bitumen Membranes are hybrids of the built up roofing system, only pre-manufactured in the factory. The product comes in rolls and Stiles Roofing most often uses a modified asphalt system with rubber added for low temperature and elongation characteristics. These products typically use a built up membrane underlayment before application of the final modified bitumen membrane. Modified bitumen membranes can be torch applied, self-adhered or mopped in place with hot bitumen. They are always surfaced with some type of Topping System.

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Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (M-class rubber) is manufactured into large sheets for application to insulation on a roof. The material can be loose laid and ballasted with rock or pavers to hold the membrane in place. It can also be fully or partially adhered as well. Seams and the membrane are adhered with contact adhesives, with seams sometimes sealed with a sealant. Toppings may or may not be required by the manufacturer in many cases. This product is available in black and white. However, black is almost always used.

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At Stiles Roofing our built up or BUR roofing is a type of asphalt waterproofing between plies of reinforcing felt. We commonly use gravel on the surface. Built up roofing construction requires a complete understanding of and strict adherence to proper techniques that include protected storage of materials, construction on dry roof decks during dry weather, correct bitumen application temperatures, solid mopping and thorough adherence of felts.

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Long before it was cool to be green, long life cycles were considered desirable. This economic motivation to choose a roof system with a long life cycle aligns well with green aspirations. However, in the rush to save energy by using reflective roofing systems, it is easy to lose sight of the roof life cycle.

Roofing systems have several green aspects, such as energy efficiency, long life cycles (cradle to grave) and recyclability potential. Energy efficiency relates to the way roofing materials affect the heating of and cooling of buildings, which are also affected by insulation and reflectivity. Material life cycles are important because more durable systems are replaced less frequently than systems with short life cycles, resulting in less disposable waste and lower lifetime costs. Recyclability means materials can be reused indefinitely, beyond one product lifetime, conserving natural and manufactured resources.

High quality asphalt built-up roofing systems and modified bitumen systems are good choices with respect to sustainability. These commercial roofing systems can last for decades when properly installed and well maintained.

There are several enemies of a long roof life, some of which are inferior product quality, installation defects, severe weather and thermal oxidative aging. You can maximize life cycle and achieve the goal of sustainability by using high quality materials and qualified installers.

Consider Modified Bitumen – Modified bitumen sheets are composed primarily of polymer modified bitumen reinforced with one or more plies of fabric such as polyester, glass fiber or a combination of both. Assembled in factories using high quality control standards, modified bitumen sheets are made to have uniform thickness and are manufactured to have consistent physical properties throughout the sheet.

The finished roofing membrane may consist of one or more modified bitumen sheets, or may be comprised of a combination of built-up roofing (BUR) felts and one or more modified bitumen sheets. The type of substrate and the performance objectives influence the specification of the modified bitumen membrane system.

Asphalt used in manufacturing modified bitumen systems is generally modified with one of two modifiers: Atactic Polypropylene (APP) or Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS). These modifiers create a uniform matrix that enhances the physical properties of the asphalt.

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We at Stiles Roofing will aid in your roof maintenance and repair needs. We will survey your roof and provide you with a report of deficiencies and the cost to repair them. Then, if you approve the repairs, we will perform them.